Monday, 14 November 2011

Argentina: The Paris of Latin America

Argentina, for me, is one of the precious gems of South America. More than just sights and sceneries, Argentina offers its own unique way for every visitor, to experience what it’s like to be an “Argentinian.” 

J Want to know how?  Here are great ways on how you can experience Argentina:

1 .Tango!
One of the world’s most sophisticated dances. It’s so sexy, you’ll be fired up enough to try it out! In Argentina, there is a tour for Tango where you and your partner can dress up and experience being James bond and his heroine for a night.  They will teach you how to tango!
yup! Thats me! She was just covering my face.. 

2. Wine and Beef experience
Wine – Love wine? Then you will have a great time treating yourselves to fine Argentinian spirits, ranked as one of the most famous wines in the world.
Overflowing Wine! 

Beef -You’re bound to get your fill of Argentina’s most famous food--chewy, flavorful, close-to-the-bone cuts in a family-style eatery!

Go to the countryside sceneries at Fiesta Guancho. Here, the Latin American Cowboys will serve you Argentinian Wine and The Best Steak. With a bit

Those horses are AMAZINGLY HUGE!! 

3. Buenos Aires
The Paris of Latin America! Full of opportunities to learn Spanish, watch Soccer, dance the sexy tango, shop for designer clothes at affordable prices, eat the world’s best steaks, and interact with dynamic and beautiful Portenos (Buenos Aires locals).
That dog even has a cellphone!

4. Iguassu Falls

Although the best VIEW of the Iguassu falls is in Brazil, the best way to EXPERIENCE the Iguassu falls is in Argentina. You can go on a boat ride to go near the falls.  But if you feel adventurous, you can choose to have a more daring alternative: ride in a 4x4 vehicle and drive 8 kilometers through the jungle to the coast of the inferior Iguazu river.  Some semi-rigid rafts with powerful engines will be waiting you to go upstream and into the mist veil formed by the cascades. Top of Form

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