Tuesday, 8 November 2011

El Salvador

El Salvador has surroundings to please tourists in many ways with a great diversity. In all my travel I can say that El Salvador is one of the safest places to visit which make travelling very easy. I know this because during  our stay we had tourist-police following us everywhere we go. The weather is always warm with few rains allowing tourists enjoy outdoor activities visitors can enjoy all kinds od activites such as history, ecology, adventure and leisure.

Sites to Visit:
Archeology lovers will find in Joya de Ceren a unique settlement of the Mayan region where an entire community has been preserved, giving the opportunity to study their everyday life. Know as the "Mayan Pompei", this site is now a UNESCO World Heritage.

Mayan village buried by the ashes of a volcanic eruption centuries ago where houses, utensils and plantations remained intact and have allowed studying the Mayan lifestyle.

San Andres Archeological site
A regional governing, ceremonial and administrative site with pyramidal structures, where a religious flint scepter and skulls with human teeth incrustations were found showing the medicine advances made by the natives.

The Archeological site of Tazumal has complex constructions and an engraves stone stele, it has also a  water drainage system, tombs, pyramids, palaces and excavated ritual objects.

Coatepeque Lake
It ranks among the most beautiful lakes of the world. On the way to the lake you can stop in one of the various viewpoints along the road, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view while having lunch in a raft.

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