Friday, 4 November 2011

Top 5 Must-Have Apps while Traveling

Thanks to Apple and Steve jobs, travelling has been an ease compared to the olden days. We used to carry around laptops and maps; but thanks to the iPhone and iPad that with just a single tap, you could do anything. I have here 5 of my favorite apps which I ALWAYS use every time I travel, making my trip productive and most of all MONEY SAVING.

One of the best apps out there. Communicating back home is one of the most important things, whether it’s a text or a call. This is one thing everybody does. Viber is an application that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other iPhone or iPad users, as long as there is Wifi. But since almost all hotels offer free wifi, this would be a very good way to call or text back home. No need to worry for your bill to come out. Another good thing about this crazy app is that it’s absolutely free! Not bad right?

4. Skype
This is the second option for communicating, since not all are iPhone and iPad users (yet).  Anyone can have access to Skype, and being free as well, this is another useful tool. What’s good about this is that it has a video call and you could show off the place you’re in right now. Hehe!

3. Icurrencypad
Remember those times when you go shopping?  You look at the price tag and then compute their local currency to US dollars and then you compute the US dollars to your local currency.  Kinda frustrating right? With Icurrencypad, you just need to type in their local currency and it easily converts with easy interface with the other currencies.  It’s very dependable knowing that all currency is up-to-date with this app!

2. Lonely Planet travel guides
The world’s leading guide book is now an amazing app! When you travel to another country, you MUST get the Lonely Planet travel guide for that country. This app saves you a lot of time and effort to know where to go. It can easily direct you to the most touristic spots, as well as show and explain to you any information about the country.

1. Lonely Planet Offline Translator
This app saved me so many times! Sometimes, it so happens that you go to a country who could speak 0 English and you end up drawing or doing sign language. But with this wonderful amazing app, you simply speak a phrase in your iPhone then it would instantly give you an audio and text translation. It’s a perfect tool for communicating! No need to be online! One thing I love about this app is that you LEARN new and different languages along the way.

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