Monday, 5 December 2011

Luxurious living in the Lost city of South Africa

Thankfully, I have experienced one of the most Luxurious hotel in South Africa. They call this the Sun city – Africa’s Kingdom of pleasure. They formed the hotel into a kingdom just for you to experience how to be an African king.

Just to give you an idea, staying for a night in this gorgeous palace cost around $750- $800 a night.  This is  one  the world's most unique resort, Sun City. Find yourself lost in a deep in the rugged forest. You will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon at Sun City with so many options to choose from, there's plenty to occupy your free time. Attractions include a golf course, Butterfly World, Cultural Village, wave and swimming pools Lost City, and numerous bars, casinos and restaurants.

To start with here is the aerial view and the map of the resort:
Palace of the Lost City
This is just the half of it! 

Here is a picture of the jaw dropping entrance:

During my free time, I got to spend the whole day just going around the resort. Let me repeat, THE WHOLE DAY. I had to hire a personal guide just to get me through the whole palace, jungle, Royal lagoon, Hidden caves and falls. 
Grand pool

Man Made Rain forest

Going through the Forrest.. Can you find the Alligator?

Roaring Lagoon

Monkey spring fountain

Royal arena

Gong of the Sun Lion
View from the rooftop of the Palace
Night view taken from my room.
Another tour I did during my stay here is the Pilansberg Nature Reserve Safari. With over 7,000 animals in the park, your search for Africa's "Big Five" - elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards and African buffalo - is sure to be eventful.

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