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Slovenia: A Hidden Romantic country

Slovenia 1

Size isn’t everything. Slovenia has proved worthy of that phrase. Slovenia is a tiny country in Europe still waiting for its best travel description yet. This small country offers more variety than countries twice its size--from the snowcapped mountains, gothic churches, decorative palaces, medieval castles, artistic buildings and most of all, its natural romantic ambiance.

First of all, in case you don’t know where Slovenia is, here is the map:
Bordering Italy,Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. See how small it is..   
Cities to Visit:

A superb starting point to visit is the Postojna cave. It is the largest cave in the world and the most popular attraction in Slovenia.

“The Postojna Cave (Postojnska Jama) system, a series of caverns, halls and passages some 20.5km long and two million years old, was hollowed out by the Pivka River, which enters a subterranean tunnel near the cave’s entrance. The river continues its deep passage underground, carving out several series of caves, and emerges again as the Unica River.” – Lonely planet
DSC 0682
Amazing rock formation
DSC 0675

DSC 0688
Its deeper than you think
DSC 0686
What does the background remind you of? hehe
Slovenia 2
A 3km walk on the cave 
Ljubljana (which means loved)
Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. This city has a cool medieval architecture effect which you will immediately notice when you take a good old-fashioned stroll around.

DSC 0762
Finally a picture with no one in it!  Very nice old fashioned building
DSC 0781
I forgot what this was.. All I know that its a door 
DSC 0799
Would loved to have joined that marathon
And one of my personal favorites-- sipping a cup of coffee by those little cafes that lie along the banks of the peaceful green Ljubljanica River.
DSC 0754

Slovenia 3
Very relaxing and cozy..
My favorite! This place is like entering a magical Fairytale land. Just imagine an island church in the middle of an emerald green lake, from that church you would see a fantastic view of an medieval castle just on top of a cliff, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Seriously, Its like Cinderalla was born here.. :)

DSC 0080
 Island church: Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage. You would often hear its bell ring because it brings good luck on your love life

DSC 0006
You would have to ride a Pletna to get there.
DSC 0072
On the way to the lake, you would see these fantastic view of a castle on top of the cliff

DSC 0017
Best place to get married in Slovenia
DSC 0018
The view from the island
Slovenia 4
There is a saying at the church, Ring the bell 3 times and your love life will be better in a year. So we tried it out..  and guess what happened??? Email me and Il tell you..  hehe (seriously)

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