Friday, 19 August 2011

Brazilian Expedition

Brazil blog
Since this is my first blog, the first travel I would like to feature is one of my favorite trips -  Brazil.  The thing that I like about Brazil is that you DON’T NEED A VISA (for Philippine passport holders)! Another thing is that you could cover a lot of famous sites in this trip like: 1. The famous Christ the Redeemer. 2. The voluptuous Copacabana beach and  Ipanema beach, where the song “girl of Ipanema” was named after. 3. The amazing and breathtaking Iguassu Falls – I could seriously say that time stops when you’re in this place.
Well, the only main problem of this trip is that it is freaking FAR from our homeland Philippines!  If  Pinoys could dig a hole deep enough to go through and through the planet earth, we would reach Brazil, that’s how far it is. But going here is worth every penny!
Let me start with the things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do on your trip there:
1. Don’t go to Brazil on February. The Carnivals in Brazil will start on this month. Your trip will just go to waste. The only thing you would see in this trip is the carnival itself; but as for the sites and tourist spots, it will be all closed even the shops. Plus it’s too crowded! But if it’s your third time to go to Brazil then attending the Carnival is an exciting experience. I suggest you go there late September or October (Springtime) – good weather and the hotel rates are not that high.
2. The most recommended Hotel in RIO: RIO Othon hotel, which is situated in front of the Copacabana beach. It has a fantastic view of the Sugar loaf and the great thing about this hotel is that it is so affordable. Its around 1hour and 40 minutes from the Airport. Check out the view:
Brazil blog 2

3. Christ the Redeemer - Considered as the second largest ArtDeco statue in the world and a symbol of Christianity in the Rio and Brazil. It is also one of the 7 wonders of the world.
Brazil blog 34. To all the meat lovers, you must try the Barbecue restaurants! It is the specialty of Rio. This is where the Brazil Brazil restaurant originated. But trust me when I say-  it’s a whole different level if you eat in RIO. We went to one of the best barbeque restaurants in RIO called - Porcao -unabashedly named Big Pig, Rio’s most famous Churrascaria de Rodízio, and an all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant
Brazil blog 4
5.Visit the World’s largest waterfall – Iguassu falls. There are two ways you can visit Iguassu falls, from Argentina side or from Brazil side. Argentina owns 90% of the Iguassu falls, but the best view is in Brazil side.
Brazil blog 5
6. Since your in Iguassu, Brazil might as well have dinner in Rafain Palace. This place has amazing food and the best Brazilian cultural show! I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Brazil blog 6

Well, as of now these are the only things I could share, but hopefully and God willing I could go there again this year. You have any questions about my trips email me at


  1. CONGRATS bro! Cant wait to read more of your adventures :-) sama kami next time din! :-)

  2. galing! love it! organize a tour naman for us.. hehe. :) asian or european ah! Paris! hahah. :)

  3. Congrats!! love this david! waiting for your next post!! :)

  4. nagrent ka lng ba ng car to go around brazil?



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