Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Turkey's Greatest Sceneries! Turkey part 2

There is a reason why I separated Turkey into two parts. I wanted to emphasize on the most beautiful and historical region of Turkey. The places that are going to be featured in this entry are one of the most unique nature wonders in the world and one of the greatest outdoor museums. A heaven for photographers!

PAMUKKALE has always been a very popular settlement where the hot springs were believed to have believing powers, so the city became the center of a antiquity and a spa resort today.

The terraces were formed by running warm spring water, which leaves limestone deposit and thus creating this overhanging surfaces and fascinating stalactite formations.  It is also called cotton castle.

Cotton Castle Photographed by Stephen Lacson

CAPPADOCIA is the ancient and modern name of a remarkable region. It is a wonderland and can be viewed from three different aspects natural, historical and religious

The Natural aspect – the strange formation of Cappadocia has had this appearance for millions of years. When volcanoes were active, the lava that poured out covered all previously formed hills and valleys forming a high plateau. But to appreciate Cappadocia more and see one of the most beautiful natural creations, you must take a balloon ride or tour. This will cost around $200. But to tell you honestly, I think it’s under priced. J

This is where we reached the highest
Looks like a Camel

This one looks like one too

Champagne with the pilot after the ride

Historical Aspect.  – Later on, Turks occupied Cappadocia and became a home to them.

A city where people used to live

Religious aspect- Christianity came early to Cappadocia. Then when the Arabs began to raid Cappadocia, Christians had to hide themselves where it was geographically easy, and they dug their underground shelters. In time, these shelters developed into a large under ground city, which is now the a UNESCO site heritage. It covers an area approximately 4 km. Visitors can see about 10% of the city by going down a maximum of 5 floors.
Church inside the caves
Underground city

Ephesus- It can be said that Ephesus is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world.  The city has been excavated for more than one hundred years. This is where Apostle John and Mother Mary  spent there remaining years..

St John Basilica.  At Jesus Cruxifiction Jesus asked his beloved disciple, John to look after his mother. John and Mother mary went to Ephesus and lived there. A small church was dedicated to him, here are the remains:

Photographed by Stephen Lacson

House of Mother Mary. This is the house where mother spent her last years. This place was officially declared a shrine of the Roman Catholic church and has become a popular place of pilgrimage.

House of Mother mary where she spent her last years

Where you can get Holy water

Where  you can put your prayers

Ephesus city site
One of the main sites of Ephesus. The Celsus library

The Hellenistic Theater. One of the most impressive buildings in Ephesus

The Marble road

And lastly, for all the shoppers, in Turkey there are two things you can buy that Turkey is most famous of:

Leather Jackets. Leather processing is a traditional handicraft in Turkey and was developed greatly. The most famous leather and the most expensive is baby lamb and lamb skin.  The Baby lamb leather is really soft and very comfortable to wear. We went to one of the famous leather shops, which they put a fashion show for us. To choose a wide variety of leather jackets.

Carpets. A Carpet is more a work of art in Turkey.  70% of the tourists coming to Turkey return homes with carpets because Turkey is a treasure house of Carpets. Turkish carpets carry a wide range of symbols. For many centuries, Turkish women have been expressing all their emotions through the artistic medium of the carpet. And all of the carpets are HAND MADE. But today, it is now a dying art, since all carpets today are now made by machines and only a few knows how to make hand made carpets.

To give you an idea this carpet costs:  $30,000. 

Costs around $35,000

Join me on my next tour to Turkey, please visit our company’s website at www.tourorganizers.com or contact me at (632)5248867, davidj.ordonez@gmail.com.  Hope you can join me on my next adventure!
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  1. these are postcard pics bro! amazing shots :)

  2. Oh wow!!! Bucket list namin mag hot air balloon! :) I loveeeet!! :)

  3. Oh wow!!! Bucket list namin mag hot air balloon! :) I loveeeet!! :)

  4. Oh wow!!! Bucket list namin mag hot air balloon! :) I loveeeet!! :)



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