Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Best Travel Souvenir (But the cheapest)

I’m sure when you travel, you would love to take a piece of that place with you. And what better way to do this but to get souvenirs. The souvenirs you get don’t need to be useful as it will be only a reminder of the incredible places and experience you had.

But one common mistake of first time travellers is that they didn’t think through what to get. Others just grab the first thing they see, which then will end up in the garbage in a period of time. Like this:
Sayang! tsk tsk
Here are some tips:
1. Try to find souvenirs that are in line with your hobbies or what you like. 
    Example: if you like poker. Get Card decks.. If you like tequila, get some shot glasses

2. Uniform, as much as possible. Remember you would be looking at this daily and getting random items is just an eye soar.

Here are some personal collections of mine:
1. Magnets. The most common souvenir. Costs $6 to $10
Its nice too look at when the side of the ref is full

2. Sands. Who doesn’t love the beach? Everybody loves the beach! The sand and the smell will always remind you of relaxation. I just started last year, that’s why its not that much. Cost: Nothing

3. Beer glasses. My favorite collection! One thing I like about this fancy collection is that it's absolutely FREE!! Doesn’t cost a thing! It looks expensive but costs nothing... 
The best souvenir collection yet

How did I get it for free? Just go to a restaurant and order a beer. Then ask if you could buy the glass for a souvenir, then they’ll just tell you to keep it. Works every time!

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  1. Very interesting! Very cool! :-) -Kaye :-*

  2. The best blog i've read!-drix

  3. I'm really like your idea especially no 2 and 3 but i don'k drink maybe i just oder coke hehehe.

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