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They say you can find the happiest people in Bhutan. I say, you can find the 'awesomest' people in Jamaica. 
They say Italian is the most beautiful language. I say, Patios is the language of the Cool people.

Jamaicans – they’re my kind of people. Makes me want to be one or at least act like one. My experience started at the International Airport of Kingston, Jamaica. While waiting at the luggage carousel, I had a chance to talk with a porter. I asked him if he knew Sean Kingston the rapper. He answered, “Yah mon”, followed by a slap-slide-snap hand shake. Isn’t he cool or what!? We just clicked and talked about Jamaican singers and hip hop artists. Then he played a song “Forever” by Drake using his cell phone. Suddenly he was rapping like a street performer, and it was amazing! I knew the song so I went along. It was an unforgettable experience.

My 1st impression of Jamaica looked abandoned and it seemed that there wasn't much to see.
Here are some photos of the city on our way to the hotel.

However, on our way to the hotel, our tour guides entertained us by singing ‘Banana Boat Song’ in a cappella which made me think twice about Jamaica.
IT WAS LIKE WATCHING A LIVE BAND! I was so amazed! Too bad I forgot to record it. For you guys  who don't know the banana song, here's a video. 

Here are some interesting fun facts I picked up while in Jamaica:
  • They were under the Spanish and British Rule
  • Jamaica is a Christian Nation.
  • English is their main language, but most of the Jamaicans use a dialect called "Patois" (pronounced as Pat-wa) which is also considered as broken English. 
  • Reggae originated here.
  • Jamaica is 3rd place on the list of countries to have ever won the Miss World titles the most.
  • Rastafarian started in Jamaica. That’s why people have dreadlocks; to show their faith in the “Rasta”. 
  •  Jamaica is  home to the world’s fastest man and other great athletes.
  •  Jamaica is a tropical country, however they compete in the Winter Olympic Games.
  • Reggae artist Bob Marley is considered one of the most famous artists from Jamaica. (But you already knew that)

One of the main tourist spots in Jamaica is Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is known for its waterfalls called Dunn's river falls, making it the most famous and visited tourist spot in Jamaica. It starts from the bottom and you have to work yourself way to the top. It's about 600 ft. high. 
This is where you start your climb.

Then you work your way to the top. Its very slippery so you need  to wear water shoes or swim shoes to climb up the slippery rocks.

You have tour guides to coach the tourists. Here they gather the group for another climb. This time you need team work, everyone will have to hold hands and create a human chain.

When you reach the top its like achieving the impossible. The feeling its equivalent to walking the Great wall of China or Climbing the stairs of Mexico's Teotihuacan pyramid.

After watching people get to the top. We had lunch in a enchanted garden hotel. They served seafood.

While we were eating our lunch they entertained us by break dancing.

After our whole day tour in Ocho Rios we drove back to Kingston. While on our way back to the hotel our tour guides taught as a few Patios words.

When you pronounce the words, try to talk like a Jamaican. Enjoy!
Yeah mon – Yes
Mawnin – Good morning
nuh - No 
A nuh nutten – It’s nothing. No big deal
A wuh – What is it?
Wata gwan? – What’s going on? (If you know the song “Take you There” by Sean Kingston, he said this at the beginning of the song so try pronouncing it that way.)
Awe ya go? – Where are you going?
Airi! – Alright or okay
aWa ya say – What did you say?
Everytin Crisss – Everything's perfect or I’m good
Wata gwan mi bredrin – What's going on my brother/friend?
Wata gwan mi youth – What's going on my friend?
Mi no notating – I don’t know nothing/I don’t know
Nuh bada mi – Don’t bother me
Walk gud – Good bye, take care
O much fi dis – How much for this?
Jah – Jehovah or God
Mista – Mister
Idren – Friends
Brownin – Light colored skin tone.
Tuch di road – Get out of the house
RESPECT – of all the Patios words I learned, "Respect" is the most important. It’s equal to the hippies’ “Peace”.
Every time I pass by a Jamaican, they greet me the word “Respect!” followed by a knuckle bump. 

In my stay in Jamaica I can describe them in one word- COOL!

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  1. Nice pics and anecdotes!

    I wonder if the famous Jamaican beef pie really originated there in Jamaica? True?

  2. You mean Jamaican Beef Patty? No it didn't originate in Jamaica. according to my tour guide, it was introduced by the English.



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