Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Greenland, the land of Ice

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Here is another exciting and most recent trip of mine – Greenland.  It’s really mind boggling why it was named Greenland, when in fact 85% of the land in Greenland is ice.  According to their “Saga” during the 13th century, a Viking from Denmark discovered Greenland; but in order to attract migrants, he used the words “The GREEN LAND”.  Well, that’s the story…

Now back to this trip, what you need to know:

1. Firstly, you will need a Schengen visa. If you already have one, great! For those who don’t have, you would need to apply at the Norwegian embassy.  Apply 80 days ahead since they need to forward your application to the Danish Immigration in Denmark.

2. Secondly, the best time to go there is during their summer time (June – August). The temperature will be from 10 to 5 degrees Celsius. Other than these months, the weather is super cold around -5 to -10 degree Celsius (not really an enjoyable weather).

We went to one of the main tourist cities in Greenland. Its name is Kangerlussuaq. Believe it or not, the population of this city is just 500+.  The total population of Greenland is just 55,000+. (Mas madami pa yung tao sa Makati. Hehe!) Well, in here, you could do a lot of tours: Ice cap tour, Russel Glacier tour, Ice fishing, Dog sled riding, and Hiking.

But my most recommended tour is:

Russel Glacier - you would witness how a river was formed through the glaciers
DSC 0168
DSC 0203
DSC 0172
SAM 0358
Video of Russel Glacier Breaking

Ice Cap Tour – walking in a sea of ice. Absolutely amazing!

Short stop for Barbecue Lunch on our way to the ICECAP. Guess whats our lunch? MUSK OX & DEER! and a cold beer! Absolutely yummy!
DSC 0335
DSC 0343
DSC 0277

Walkin at the ICE CAP 66.. Cant believe im at the Artic Circle!
DSC 0374
DSC 0369

On our way back home, we had a short cofee break by the river - really relaxing!
DSC 0403
DSC 0405
On our way we were blessed to see a musk ox roaming around:
Greenland blog 2
Then we had him for dinner! hehe
SAM 0149

After the tour, you may want to visit the “Dog pound” where the Greenlandic sleigh dogs are taken care of. Its worth the trip taking this detour.
Greenland blog 3
By the way, just one amazing fact – There are no other dogs in Greenland except the Greenlandic dogs. If another breed of dog is seen without a leash, it will be shot and killed to maintain the pure breed of the Greenlandic dogs.

For more information on our next tour to Greenland, please visit our company’s website at or contact me at (632)5248867,  Hope you can join me on my next adventure!


  1. Can i just say you are too lucky? =) Love it, David.

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  3. I want to visit this place next time it's very beautiful and remote but first I have to see South America especially Brazil. When are you going to have the next tour of Iceland & Greenland ?

  4. Hi Edison... around next year June... Next year will be better!

  5. Edison, email at we have a south america tour next year.. hope you could join us



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