Friday, 23 September 2011

African Wildlife: Zambia

The world is full of spectacular creations, and what better way to discover most of it but in Africa. You may think watching the herds move is not that exciting and not unforgettable. But once you get to see it personally and actually watch their lifestyle and their will to survive is a whole different level.

Experiencing the Locals
Don’t get too excited, you will have a large amount of time to go on a safari and get to see the animals. But first things first, I suggest you meet and talk to the locals. Most of the locals here in Zambia are very friendly and can speak in English (its their first language).
We were welcomed in Zambia at the airport by Ambassador of Zambia, with the media and a cultural show
The locals here are very creative just like in our Philippine provinces. They could carve and make different accessories out of nothing.
Cool hand made carvings! Even their houses are a sight to see....
But what amazed me the most is there talent of singing. Just go to any local Catholic church and you will see how they mixed their cultural background and the Catholic religion. There ceremonies are based more on gospel songs and their instruments are the native African instruments.

Must do:
1. Visit Mfuwe.
Here you will find the biggest Safari reserve in whole of Africa. Whoa! That means more animals to see.
In order to get there we took a chartered plane from Lusaka. Then we had our accommodation in Mfuwe lodge. This is the best lodge! It is located at the center of the reserve. So don’t be shocked if a monkey is knocking at your door or the elephants are walking beside you. From there you can take the Safari from you hotel.
Cramped chartered plane to Mfuwe & Mfuwe lodge
Finally, our Safari! We had a whole day! The animals that come out in the day are different from the
ones at night.
Zambia Africa  21
The Safari vehicles!

They have the right of way..
Angry birds
The all time favorite -Zebra!
Zambia Africa  11
I think he needs help going down?
Zambia Africa  7
Waiting for its next prey
Zambia Africa  4
Lazy cats
Zambia Africa  37
DSC 0196
DSC 0252
The elephants are the one killing those trees..

After a whole morning, we had a one of kind barbecue lunch. Its called behind the bushes lunch..  The guide will pick the best spot for a good tasty lunch while enjoying nature.

Zambia 5
Guess which is the Hippo meat?
After that we head home for some rest. We take off again, for the night Safari tour, we start by catching the sunset while having some beer and wine.
DSC 0395
Drinking while watching the sunset
Zambia Africa  43
Very African
Zambia Africa  19
Red Sky
Then we head out again for the Night Safari
Zambia 6
Hyenas fighting over a dead elephant
Zambia 7
Leopard in action! Its chasing after an Impala..

2. Visit Livingstone.
Here you would find the Great Victoria Falls. Africa’s answer to Niagara Falls of Canada and Iguassu Falls of South America. The best way to enjoy to this is having your accommodations in Royal Livingstone Hotel. This is the best hotel in Zambia, which is just beside Victoria falls and the Zambezi river.

Zambia 8
Just Beside our hotel at Royal Livingstone
Zambia Africa  67
Take a closer look! Zebras just outside my room! 
Zambia Africa  38
Start of Victoria Falls
Zambia Africa  66
Victoria Falls
Zambia Africa  64

Zambia Africa  63
Very Beutiful! 

Then later in the afternoon, have a relaxing Sun downer Cruise on top the Victoria Falls with cold foods, wine, beer & soft drinks provided while you enjoy watching the many species of birds and reptiles while cruising the Zambezi River.
Zambia 9
Enjoying the bottomless drinks while cruising the Zambezi river and watch the Sun set.

Join us on our next tour to Africa, please visit our company’s website at or contact me at (632)5248867,  Hope you can join me on my next adventure!
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  1. Love it! You are actually bringing us to Africa when you do this. One day, I hope I see it in its actual beauty. Good blogging David. keep it up.

  2. Amazing to see lions in trees. Great photos of Zambia - a country that seems to be on the improve.



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